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Natural Instinct? - (FULL ALBUM (2009​)​)

by Asylum Pyre

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I don’t remember how it really happened - Nor When… But I was caught and sent to an uncommon room… Made of chains… made of eyes… and made of… I can’t say But I could feel the harm of their aggressive, and so sad, spirits… And the room moved on…. on….on… The trip did not last long but I was borne to a place I did not know. A place I had never even imagined… Who could have? So far from what I believed. Not a real place so to say. Oh… This place… …The machinery is actuating… A GREAT and OLD building lost inside of their mind I don’t really know where, don’t know why Bleak and isolated, it is rounded by fields. What do they cultivate? And they Yield? It looks like a prison - Is it...? Do I…? Do you…? Let me speak.... Oh please, please… let me one word or two… Silence seems to rule here… only far muffled knocks Something is drawing near… Eyes and words made of rock Corridors – Cold Doors – closed A Cell – Someone Me…. I can not run - can not see - I can’t breathe anymore - I can’t flee (x2) Under a gun - made of words - I must be dreaming - Please awake me! Under a gun - made of words - A judgment of my identity….. I…..
Echoes in the bleak plains Screaming out all my pains Humiliated in the public place Condemned, imprisoned, in disgrace (For) They can’t stand the truth that I tell Out of their sphere – they build me a cell I am out of the circle that they have plotted They link the points of the plan that they have noted Could it be that I am dangerous for their plan? (The) intolerance, on me, has imposed a ban And you don’t understand then condemn I am a fool under ignorance reign (Who is The Fool?) Before the Wall of bias, Doomed, The shattered souls are on the move Beware! Chorus The Asylum Pyre Law of My Empire Once My Master Now, my World's Defender! The Asylum Pyre Soul healing embers The Hopeful Fire, I wish, will Burn FOREVER On Asylum Pyre Brains Connected To the Web And you simplify your vision Easier Than a Revolution Your Kingdom is a house of Cards With soulless queens and corrupt guards In the darkness I wait I Wait... I hear some voices I Wait... Growing forces I Wait... (for) Chorus Blows Battered… Groggy… The Longing I feel so restless… And it seems endless… After a dreamless sleep Long or short I can not tell But it was very deep I awoke in this dark cell Knock on the wall Relentlessly I hammer the door I pound the Wall With My Fists With My Feet My Shoulders…and my head... I just want to be heard! Nails Hopeless... In tears... I finally tear my nails on the wall. Foul atmosphere Foul-smelling Bias The bite of your slander The Wound of your Uncultured Soul Your blessed naivety… Open door But even When I am as down as one can be I still have this little Flame burning deep within me! Beam after beam I have, now, taken control - over the flame The rules of your Circus games Lies in my hand! Unconscious, your carefree life comes to the end. And where you once tortured my friends You’re gonna learn! Pyre War Gods – Pyre! Black Gold – Pyre! Cult of Fame – Pyre! With Propaganda! Waste – Pyre! Profits – Pyre! Oblivion – Pyre! With Fatalism! Fashion – Pyre! Sheep Flocks – Pyre! Clichés – Pyre! You, my Fellow Man Lazy, selfish And so self assured Burn! Bonfire Roles are reversed Now you’re my Prey! Now in the fire I finally open the door Happiness, hope fulfils me You’d better run You’re better off dead Smoked breeze of the fires In The Morning Only the smoked breeze of the fires lasts... The Asylum Pyre Through My Words and Through My Eyes The Asylum Pyre Is Spreading Out The Asylum Pyre If You Understand these Words The Asylum Pyre You’re One of Us The Asylum Pyre Chorus Let’s the Pyre set ablaze… And spread…
When my Working day’s finally over Quickly I run home with exaltation I prepare my stuff and I wait for her: Night! … and her sensations ! I can see the first mists of the sleeping nature It gives the scenery a mystic touch, for sure And tonight all the clouds have given me a chance They have gone somewhere else to allow me a glance I open wide my window It is the Night of the show It is the Show of the Night Better to say I put my eye on the infinity circle I ‘m traveling into the space (And) into the past He: Lady Blue, oh, where are you? She: Million light years away He: Stop Dreaming, Come down to earth! Her nightgown is covered with many little stars slightly shining in the darkness. She slowly turns to him and instead of showing annoyance to his cold reflection, the Lady Blue shows to the Boy Grey nothing but a great beaming smile on her moonlike face! It’s not a dream! We are sailing ‘Cross the edge of this world We’re talking ‘bout Earth and Universe And we laugh with the stars Come with me, you will gawp Magic will carry you off Through the refracting scope To Cepheus we’re taking off The scope act as a launching ramp It’s amazing It’s like I am Mister Alice lost in… …wonderland Sense the sense of it And seize the day Embrace the universe He: There’re so many things to admire She: And many to understand! He: And many to understand! It’s not a dream! We are sailing ‘Cross the edge of this world We’re talking ‘bout Earth and Universe And we laugh with the stars We are getting further now We’re pushed by the solar winds The end’s getting closer now So many things, bodies, elements are around me… …and still it is all void. Void around me Void is in me Tension Everything is going fast The stars look like rays of light. I feel I cannot keep my head I fly and I look everywhere Where are we going to? Where are you taking me? Milky Way Finally we arrive And no words can describe… In distant skies I can see it all Stars in my eyes Stars in my soul See! It’s not a dream! We are sailing ‘Cross the edge of this world We’re talking ‘bout Earth and Universe And we laugh with the stars Talking ‘bout earth and universe I laugh…and…I…cry… Yes, comparing the living beauty of stars with the dying beauty of earth… The Lady Blue is crying… Grey tears are falling on the little stars of her gown. Then the little stars touched by these tears briefly shine brighter… … and quickly turn to grey…
Coral's Riff 07:21
Love Ecstasy 04:19


released September 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Asylum Pyre France

Modern and Traditional Power Speed Electro-Pop Metal (With Tribal Touches) Releasing worldwide its 5th Album in 2023.

Led by a world-class vocalist has toured with well-known acts as Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Demons & Wizards, Stream Of Passion, Xandria...
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